25 January 2012

Turning Japanese

In the eternal search for more men's hair, why not look to the orient? Japanese designers have a focus on quality and flair for style that might seem too outrageous for western females, but check out this collection of three "female" hair attachments I found at Kik, a Japanese hair salon. Fully copy/mod, it took me all of three seconds to re-size the hair, change the color to match my hairbase, and voila! I'm definitely turning Japanese to solve my hair dilemma.
Hair: Ken, Jan, Fiona from Kik Hair

16 January 2012


Ever see a really cool women's accessory and think...Man! I wish they had a guy's version of that! Well, guess what...they do! Once again buying Mod items and thinking outside of the box opens a whole new world of stuff for you to wear. Sometimes pairing more masculine designs with women's jewelry can give you a fascinating new look without completely killing your testosterone. In this example, I paired this amazing women's bracelet from Bandit with a pair of fingerless gloves and voila, you've been man-cessorized. So, next time you're out shopping and find some really cool women's stuff, don't just shrug and move on, think about how you might make it work.
BRACELET = Bandit: Excess Diamond Bracelet Rainbow, GLOVES = Tonktastic: Fingerless Gloves, PANTS = Gizza: Vintage jean ornamental silver, SHIRT = Beefcake: 01 contrast tank.

12 September 2011

WHAT I WORE - Modeling Class

Today in my modeling class, we altered my shape...eep! The long-dreaded, make me into a 7' monster in order to catwalk with the preying mantises has finally come! While the class was incredibly helpful, I can't shake the irony that we are constantly told to be unique, to stand out, while we are changed to look like everyone else. Perhaps that is the challenge...to conform and yet find that thing that sets you apart. I'm game! Anyway, here's what I wore. Enjoy!
STYLE CARD: VEST: AVid: Marquis - Vest (gold); GLOVES: Miamai_PrimGloves:Homme_Connor Black (alpha layer altered to include leg transparency); SCARF: *SaWoDe*  Fali Men Pusi (Scarf); JACKET: +grasp+/Leather Biker Jacket/Black/Mens (minus arm prims); PANTS: **GizzA** Vintage Jean RedGold; BOOTS: [ hoorenbeek ] Mullingar  Boots - Black.

07 September 2011

WHAT I WORE: Styling Forward on 7 September 2011

STYLE CARD: HAIR: [CheerNo] Hair MAX [Dark 3.0N]; MAKE-UP: Shadow Eye Mask - Black by Lera Keng; SASH ON WAIST (retextured) ::: B@R ::: Dhampir Rider Weast Ribbon; GLOVES: Miamai_PrimGloves:Homme_Marcus Black L; JACKET: *LeeZu Baxter* BOYS Rocco Jacket /kiss; PANTS & ARMOUR WRAP: VERO MODERO / Dark

06 September 2011


Everyone knows there are fewer styles and looks for men, so we need to get creative. Mod/Copy items are the key to developing your own look. If you've ever been desperately looking for great hair only to find 5 men's to 100 women's on the shelf of some of the best coiffures in SL, then try this approach. Buy hair made for a woman! Make sure it is mod/copy, stand on a poser and start changing it. You will be amazed at the cool looks you can come up with starting with hair and other items too that are originally intended for the ladies. A snip here, a stretch there, and voila...you've created your own unique style.  Emile Sands

STYLE CARD: Hair=>TRUTH< Maddy - cocoa, before and after mod.

05 September 2011

Welcome from Emile Sands

Emile Sands – Editor, The SL Closet for Men
Welcome to the SL Closet for Men fashion blog. Emile Sands is an avatar in Second Life® with over three years' experience in the virtual fashion industry, including clothing design, marketing, modeling, and review. This forum is a personal exploration into the challenges facing dressing the male avatar in SL complete with helpful hints and links for discerning gentlemen with an eye for fashion and a desire to rise above the ordinary. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find this blog useful, and that you'll stop back frequently for updates. Emile Sands